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SEO – The Lifeline of Online Marketing

17 Jul 17
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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a skill that a person gains after working on various kinds of projects; be it a small or big ones. People, however, still see SEO expert traditionally asa guy who keeps copy and pasting the link and keeps on auditing the websites and protecting it from errors attacking the website. Most of those SEO experts are employed in-house firms where they got their hands on few websites and never found the bigger world to dip them in and see what really SEO is. The role of them in-houses firms is pretty much straightforward, or like a circle i.e. after completing the audit; they again start doing it from beginning to the end.As the internet became popular and companies began using it for their commercial use, and social media got stronger, SEO world changed drastically, either. Every now and then, new rules keep on coming for the experts to keep the track. From link building to create brand awareness, SEO includes everything that is related with internet marketing. The thing that SEO experts have to face is keeping the content they are using on the website completely original and upto the parameters of Google, so no update can hurt their ranking or traffic.

Time-to-time Google keeps on introducing the various updates like Panda, Penguin etc. – and recently it introduced Phantom that again pushed back the website having low-quality content. SEO person has to keep everything in mind and create strong links in various article submission websites, forums and directories to get the updates and maintain the ranking and traffic.