Salon Appointment App Software- Important Points to Know

For beauty and salon business owners, booking appointments and managing the whole working process is a challenging task. To handle the whole business operations sophesticatically the online salon appointment app development solutions are helping people in many ways. To develop salon mobile options, there are some necessities. What are those? Wanna know them? Read the following points to get an idea.

Before discussing in detail, let’s have a look at some of the numbers related to online salon services tools-

According to data, 35% of salon app users desire to book their appointments on weekdays or on holidays. 

Out of that only 25% of them actually, schedule their booking online because of reliability of online appointment booking solutions. 

Salon Scheduling Solution – Signs to Find The Best Online App 

Beauty salon mobile app software is well-known to manage each and everything in a systematic way to reduce complexity. Salon businesses are considered as one of the most unorganized sectors. 

According to the salon owners, “There is a great need for replacing the old manual system with the new online booking solutions for managing this sector. Besides, the mobile solution for beauty salon & spa must be made easy to access information. It must not be just made for the tech-savvy people.” 

The flexibility to use the tools in an effective way made the online salon appointment booking applications a user-friendly option. 

Beauty Salon Booking Solution- Must Have Features

Despite the need for experienced and well-experienced online beauty salon app builders, there are many important things that need to be discussed with the mobile app development companies priorly. The complexity of the salon business can only be reduced or minimized only if the features are well deployed with the right choice of technology. It must include important features and elements. 

There are two panels designed for an online booking option for salon software, i.e.- 

  • Admin Panel 
  • Customer Panel

Admin Panel- 
This platform is the most important one that enables salon owners to add or subtract beauty salon & spa services, organise whole business, get the complete image of salon business through a mobile salon booking software. Some of the significant elements of admin panel are- 

  • Book Online Appointments- Scheduling the booking according to the availability of specialists, beauty artists and therapists can be done by the salon booking software itself. Admin has access to view the number of appointments and even confirm their availability by communicating them. 
  • Add or Subtract Services- It happens sometimes when beauty places, salon shops, etc have a shortage of experienced makeup artists or other therapists, they may minus service/s easily with a few taps. And if they have a specialist of specific service then they can mention it easily by adding them with details.
  • Coupons/Offers- We all love discounts. Don’t you. Well, this is the most exciting section for online customers offered by salon owners. Coupons and offers are something that can be used online to get beauty salon and spa services at low price. It can be offered in many instances such as-
  • Discount while booking the first booking
  • Coupon after taking a couple of services in one visit
  • Loyalty programs for regular customers

    All these things help them in accelerating the graph of revenue. 

  • Track the Working Hours- Whether it is developing or non-developing countries, the working hours vary on weekdays and on weekends. Ergo, the online salon services can easily be set or changed according to need and demand of the hour.
  • Dashboard- It enables them to view all figures and data. The owner or service provider can check the everyday earnings through the admin panel. The dashboard covers the entire list of users and the beauty services already taken by them. 
  • Analytics- It is an imperative part of beauty services. It enables service providers to check several reports such as- total number of consumers visited the place, number of people visited the salon software and how many of them have booked the services, no. of sales increased while adding some offer, payment reports, etc. In short, it allows the owners to check the graph of their business.

Customer Panel- 

As the name specifies, through these options customers can easily check and book the desired beauty salon services online. The main features of customers panel of salon appointment booking app software are- 

  • List of Services- There are a number of services offered by the owners to enhance skin texture, hair, and other beauty treatments. The online list of services can be categorized by the service provider in different ways that also includes the price of every individual facility. 
  • Special Offers- Through this feature, some special offers are offered to the online customers in some festive season or on special days, etc. It helps in branding the name of the business and increasing sales. It also includes some discounts on certain services.
  • Online Chat Options- Users can easily chat with the authorized people directly through chat options. Half of the users chat just to clarify their doubts and to discuss different packages.
  • Appointment Reminder- According to studies, many customers forget to visit the place even after booking a specific time. Therefore, this option helps them to remember their already booked visits. 

No doubt, developing an online salon software is a wonderful option, but it is equally important to take care of all the necessary elements and tools that makes a salon booking application software customer-centric and business-friendly.