What is Web 3.0 – A Guide to Web 3.0

Technology has made the world view a lot of things differently. Ease of communication, getting information about everything within no time, working from anywhere in the world; are some of the positives of the Internet revolution.  

If we talk about Web 3.0, users can get more secure, fast, decentralized access to the Internet. So the evolution of the World Wide Web will offer a lot more than other webs in the coming future. 

The evolution started from Web 1.0 and then 2.0 which we are still using and now it’s time to switch to web 3.0. 

In this blog, I’ll unfold the Web 3.0 concept, what can we expect, and how long it would take to finalize things. 

There are so many other things that can be automated in the Internet world. One thing which is the important pillar in web 3.0 is blockchain technology.

About All Webs – A Brief Explanation

Web 1.0 (1999 to 2005)

It was the time when WWW was in the initial stage. It is difficult for youngsters to imagine the Internet without Google, Social Media, etc. When the WWW started, communication was one way only where customers or users can only read the content on the web. The websites were not interactive without any navigation or other limited capabilities. 

The other things that included various features were required by the users and the business owners. The limited capabilities such as reading content, sending emails, etc. Due to the limited capabilities of web 1.0, web 2.0 came into existence. 

Web 2.0 (2006 – Till Date)

To overcome all the issues and lack of web 1.0, web 2.0 was invented. This web interacted with the audience with the various facilities and features that further has benefited not only businesses but also the users. 

More involvements of the customers and business owners were made that has increased the opportunities for everyone to increase the reach of the businesses. Web 2.0 facilitates businesses to run advertisements, connect content with services, option to reach customers easily, and have navigational facilities in the websites and applications. Through various languages, it becomes easy for everyone to communicate more appropriately with each other as the products and services are elaborated more descriptively. Social media transforms and sharing the information in the form of video, photo or content is another achievement of web 2.0.

About Web 3.0 (Coming Soon) 

It is the underdeveloped version of the Internet. Web 3.0 is also named as the third generation of the internet in which websites and mobile applications will process everything through new technology such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning (ML), DLT (Decentralized Ledger Technology), and Big Data. This version will be more intelligent that will automate various working of the website and apps too. 

Features of Web 3.0 

Decentralized Websites & Apps

Web 3.0 will include semantic web, a decentralized application where no one will own any owner but with the collective effort of users, information can be shared, changed. In short, users will have the capability to monetize the data. 

Semantic Web

This is one of the primary features of Web 3.0. The semantic web can boost online technologies and other digital services. Through this feature, users can share, transfer and connect with the content available on the applications through search and analysis. The semantic web concentrates mainly on the meaning of various words instead of focusing on the keywords. 

For Example, 

I Love Pizza
I <3 Pizza

So, the meaning of both the lines are the same, the only difference between them is the representation through syntax. By enabling the machines to decode the meaning of certain syntax, semantic features in Web 3.0 will focus on the meaning only which will enhance the overall experience of online users.  

Secured Apps

Web 3.0 will offer more secured applications. There are so many websites or applications that ask for permission before allowing the users to use it. The main reason is to make sure the credibility of online users as the hacking or virus issue can ruin or lower the services of any business. With the usage of new technologies, online software can be made secure with no intrusion by hackers. Therefore, users can easily access Internet services in the future free of cost just like Facebook, Instagram or Whatsapp. 

3D Graphics

User enhancement is one of the major targets of all businesses. Web 3.0 works with a futuristic approach where it can revolutionize graphic technology and give cleaner and clear pictures, videos, GIFs. This feature of 3D graphics is not only beneficial and used by online gaming apps but also gives immense benefit to e-commerce, real estate, the health sector, and many more.  

In conclusion, it can be said that web 3.0 is the future of the world, whether it is business or customers, or online users. How to equip this new web in the businesses will be critical. As everyone wants to compete with their competitor.

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